Barbour's Farm / Barbour's Farm


We are a family owned operation located in Hart County, Kentucky. Our little town name is Canmer. Our family farm is a well diversified family operation. It has been in our family since the 1900's. The family farm was started by share-cropping before it was purchased in later years of 1990's. We are four generations strong and hope to continue the legacy for many years to come. 

Our operation consists of a small dairy, hogs, beef, pasture poultry, micro-processed goods, and mixed vegetables. Here on Barbour's Farm it is truly a 365 day operation. Cows are milked twice a day, everyday, along with feeding and caring for the animals. 

The vegetable season starts March and runs thru October, but the planting and planning starts December thru March. 

Pasture poultry starts with baby chicks around April after the weather starts to break.